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Jazz Vokal Hoca- 1
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  Jazz Vokal-şan
About the Artist: Fusing groove, blues, basso nova, and Appalachian music, vocalist and songwriter Danielle Eva serenades in shades of blue-eyed soul with a compelling sincerity and a side of sass. Whether painting a fresh face on timeless gems of the jazz songbook, or mixing the palettes of folk and funk, Danielle is an intimate storyteller with a voice one can drink in all night. “Road and Moon”, her jazz feature debut, showcases her writing and arranging talents in addition to offering an insight into this distinct new voice on the jazz scene. Though she grew up without a radio, Danielle spent her childhood absorbing sounds of gospel and bluegrass heard in church and studied classical music in a professional children’s choir. As she started out on a path toward becoming an opera singer, it was the American songbook interpreted by singers like Ella and Sarah that turned her ears and energy toward jazz. Her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offered rich opportunities to develop her craft singing in jazz clubs and festivals, and experimenting in world beat and modern gospel bands. In 2001, Danielle was chosen to participate in the prestigious Jazz Aspen Snowmass. She then spent several years in New York where she was a regular on the Manhattan scene. Past festival appearances have included Great Women in Jazz, Mellon Jazz Festival, and Istanbul International Jazz Festival. Miss Eva also spent 2 years living in Washington DC where she completed her first jazz cd and became a 3rd place winner of the 2007 Billie Holiday Vocal Competition. Danielle was a top 4 finalist in the 2008 JazzMobile Vocal Competition in NY and continues to perform in clubs such as the Zinc Bar, Iridium, Sweet Rhythm, the River Room, Merchant’s, the National Underground, and DC’s Twins. Internationally, she has been a feature in venues of Hong Kong and Istanbul. In addition to jazz, Danielle has performed at hundreds of private events with dance and society bands and also records for various commercial projects.

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