A peaceful place to learn Music in Istanbul offering courses in different branches. It has been founded by Ethnomusicologist Dr. Farhad shidfar, PhD of musicology and music theories from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and located at a central place in Besiktas-Istanbul.

Our company legal registered name in Turkey is BEŞİKTAŞ MÜZİK MERKEZİ. TUR. REKLAM. ORG VE TERCÜMANLIK İTH. İHR. SAN. ve TİC. LTD. STİ. and a member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) with the registered No : 604478 with the Tax No: 1660348031. And we are a member of music production companies registered in ministry of culture in Turkey with especial international allowance in music production, releasing albums, wholesaler, concert producer, organization and trading of all music industries.

  • Music lessones  in Turkish & English languages
  • Online lessones
  • Music production
  • Music performance & organization
  • Music shop